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Welcome to Training Camp!

Training Camp enables partners to add value and increase profits by combining technology expertise and services to design, plan and deploy sophisticated virtualization solutions.

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Welcome to VMware Training Camp. Thank you for opting in.

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Terms and Conditions:   

  • A minimum of One VMware transaction every six months
  • A minimum of 2 quotes every six months
  • Achieve minimum VMWare Professional Level Partner status within 12 months of joining Training Camp
  • Participate in one activity every 6 months ( Huddle, TC Event, Grid campaign, etc)
  • Review your sales playbook - 2  business planning sessions per year

  • If you are interested in joining a winning team and conquering the cloud, you have come to the right place.
    VMware's Training Camp is the perfect opportunity for you to "train" and grow your cloud business.

    Watch training demos that were created by Tech Data’s System Engineers.



    What’s in it for you?

  • Your own VMware “Coach”
  • A customized VMware Training Roadmap
  • Exclusive VMware Webinar by Tech Data
  • Access to Tech Data’s VMware Solution Center
  • Exclusive Training Camp discounts, promotions and offers


    Are you a VMware partner?

    If you answered no, or you are unsure about your VMware status, we ask that you establish a partnership with VMware today so you can enjoy the following benefits:

    • The ability to purchase most VMware products through Tech Data
    • Access to VMware Partner Central
    • Tools to learn more about VMware virtualization solutions
    • Build customer credibility
    • Develop skills with free online training (VSP, VTSP, VCP)
    • Access to marketing and demand generation tools

    Enroll now to become a VMware partner: CLICK HERE.


    Dedicated VMware Team Extensions: 800-237-8931, ext. 80333
    Option 1: Technical Support
    Option 2: VMware Renewals
    Option 3: VMware New Licensing (quotes and orders)
    Option 4: VMware Training Camp
    Option 5: VMware Premier
    Option 6: VMware Corporate Resellers

    Training Camp Email: VMwareTrainingCamp@techdata.com
    Team Email: TDUSVMWARE@techdata.com
    Renewals Email: vmwarerenewals@techdata.com

    Comments, Questions, Feedback? We're here to help! Please share your comments and feedback with us.

    Need more information?

    Dedicated VMware Team Support
    800-237-8931, ext. 80333TDUSVMWARE@techdata.com

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