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C2G is an industry-leader in high-performance cabling and connectivity solutions for the A/V, PC and enterprise markets. C2G's product and solution offerings address market needs and advances in wired and wireless connectivity technology. With more than 6,000 connectivity products and customized solutions, C2G can meet any customer's connectivity needs.


  1. Get 5% back each month when you spend more than $1,000 on C2G products
  2. Adapters – With over 3,000 adapters available from C2G, making connections work just got easier. Take a look at our most popular USB to HDMI (TD# 10806003), USB to DVI (TD# 10806002), and USB to VGA (TD# 10806001) adapters.
  3. Rapid Run - Whether upgrading a school's classroom technology or installing a high-performance home theater system, RapidRun provides incredible flexibility and ease! RapidRun is an award-winning cabling system designed to evolve with the components of your installation. The system keeps current with the world's ever-changing technology! It is a complete cabling system for audio video installations built to save you time and money by doing more with less.
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