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Thank you for visiting the Lenovo Product Support Tool. Lenovo provides desktop, laptop and server products. To choose a Desktop, Laptop or Workstation or Servers  click on the Lenovo Solutions Center to help you choose a model. For Servers, once a model has been selected, click on the Thinkserver Configuration tool below.


Personal Systems Reference Sheets

These documents provide detailed specifications of every preconfigured model available from Lenovo.

Lenovo ThinkCentre

Lenovo Thinkpad

Lenovo Thinkpad Edge Series

Lenovo Workstations

Lenovo ThinkServer

Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Lenovo Tools

Lenovo Quick Pick Tool - This is a powerful Lenovo options configurator. This provides part numbers for all available accessories for Desktops, Laptops and Workstations. It also provides technical specs for each of those accessories. It also provides system compatibility for accessories.

Lenovo Solutions Center - Tool to help search for Lenovo products with particular specifications. This tool also allows you to sort by specifications to narrow down your search. Items color coded in green, are focus models most likely to be available at Tech Data.

Lenovo ThinkServer Configuration - Server Configuration Tool - this tool provide all of the accessory options part numbers available for a chosen server, and produces a part number list for all of the accessories. This list can then be emailed to your sales team to complete the sales order.



Contact Information

  • Lenovo SE Hotline: 800-237-8931 Extension x64211
  • Lenovo VPR: 800-237-8931 Extension x82828
  • Lenovo SE Direct Fax: 727-507-2911
  • Lenovo SE Direct E-MAIL: selenovo@techdata.com




Updated  8/28/2012

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