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Frequently Asked Questions 



Q. How does one obtain RSA SecureID for Microsoft Windows solution?
The RSA SecurID for Micorsoft Windows solution is included free of charge as a feature of an advanced license. Until March 31, 2005 new RSA ACE/Server 6.0 Base software license customers, as well as existing Base license customers with valid maintenance contracts who upgrade to RSA ACE/Server 6.0 software will be able to make use of the RSA SecurID for Micorsoft Windows functionality without upgrading to Advanced license.

Q. What does the RSA ACE Server Software offer a customer?
. The Authentication Manager (fomerly called ACE Server software)  offers customers Two Factor Authentication, something you have(the token) and something you know( the pin#) .

Q. What is the difference between Maintenance Plus and Maintenance Extended?
. Maintenance Plus offers 9X5 phone support and version upgrades, Maintenance Extended offers 24X7 phone support and version upgrades .

Q. What products  provide a RSA ACE Server solution?
. AceServer Software + Maintenance Plus or Extended + Tokens = Solution

Q. Does RSA offer a software token?
. Yes, RSA offers a software token, offered for 6mon, 1 yr, 2 yr, 3 yr, 4yr or 5yr

Q. Who does one call to receive RSA pre-sales help at Tech Data?
. RSA Tech Data SE 800-237-8931 x80083

Q. What are the minimum memory requirements to run an Ace Server?

Q. What is the minimum Intel processor requirement to run an Ace Server?
Intel Pentium 266 MHz processor

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