Awareness is the very first stage of the customer journey or step in the buying process. As marketing experts, it’s our job to fully understand what these customers want and need. Striking at the right moment is just as important as knowing how to enlighten and inspire them. Case in point, Microsoft Inspire—a yearly global conference held by Microsoft—gave us the perfect opportunity to build awareness, drive traffic and generate new leads.


Tech Data Cloud Solutions was looking to make a big impression at Microsoft Inspire by positioning Tech Data as the leading Microsoft distributor through key messaging for each technology area—from collaboration and security to cloud and IoT—and Tech Data’s new joint corporate messaging. They wanted to generate more leads than ever before, double Tech Data Cloud’s social media following and garner more new customer accounts, as well as more Microsoft CSP sign ups.


We collaborated with Tech Data’s Europe and America’s Cloud teams to develop a strategic integrated campaign to drive traffic to the Tech Data Cloud Twitter and LinkedIn social media pages, garner new customer leads, and generate excitement and engagement for our booth and breakout sessions at Microsoft Inspire.


By working with Tech Data Agency, the Cloud teams were able to achieve a strong, memorable presence at Microsoft Inspire through an active social media campaign, engaging booth and breakout sessions, and our unique cloud journey tool.


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