By the time customers hit the consideration stage—the second step within the buyer’s journey—goals and challenges are defined. They’re now busy researching and evaluating options. Our stakeholders rely on us to educate their prospects by defining suitable solutions to consider. Timing is key. So when Tech Data’s Cisco team needed help introducing customers to their new conversation-starting Managed Service Proof of Value Assessment Program, we were all in with a video and lead-gen campaign.


Cisco was looking to spark security conversations between resellers and their customers through a complimentary Proof of Value (POV) assessment. The goal was for resellers to encourage their customers to schedule an appointment to discuss Cisco’s security offerings with one of Tech Data’s Product Account Managers (PAMs). It was important to communicate the POV assessment was a simplistic, yet comprehensive and effective way to identify network security issues.


The goal was to communicate the benefits and describe the simplicity by demonstrating the POV assessment solution. Utilizing our services, resellers would seamlessly connect Cisco to their customers’ networks allowing them to provide a detailed report of their threat landscape.


Through the Tech Data Cisco POV, resellers were able to demonstrate network vulnerabilities allowing them to become a trusted advisor and position Cisco as a leading security solutions provider.


“When Tech Data and Cisco came out with the Proof of Value assessment program, it allowed us to, not only go to a customer and talk about it, but put this proof of value in there, and show the customer what kind of information we could pull from their network without compromising their data.”


— Douglas Tate, President and CEO, Alpha Tech

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