Meet Diane Mitchell

Director, Communications and Strategic Marketing Programs

How would you describe your role at Tech Data Agency?

I’m responsible for developing multi-touch communications and brand awareness programs to advance and grow Tech Data’s market position as a leading solutions distributor and provider of unique IP and services. Driven by a passion for engaging and inspiring audiences, my teams and I help Tech Data and its channel partners strategically communicate across diverse audiences through dynamic content creation and storytelling to garner support, foster relationships and build and enhance reputational value.


How does your experience set you apart?

As a communication professional, I’m classically trained on the core principles of strategy, consistency, analysis, principal, ethics, and engagement and use them daily as the building blocks of my work. Over my 20+ year career, I’ve worked in multiple industries and served in progressive leadership positions in internal and external communications, media relations, brand and reputation management, demand creation, creative services, advertising and event planning. I have a global accreditation for business communications and am a PROSCI® certified change management practitioner.


How would you finish these sentences?

My clients probably don’t know that I’ve identified, helped onboard and mentor a small business as part of the U.S. DOD Mentor-Protégé Program, and then worked for that same Protégé company and helped it win the Nunn-Perry award for top performing Mentor-Protégé mission partner three years later.

I have been honored with numerous industry awards for writing, advertising, directing and video/film production. My work has been published in national and trade media and aired on National Public Radio.

If I wasn’t a marketing professional, I’d most likely be a forensic scientist. I enjoy the challenge of identifying and bringing together disparate pieces to reveal the big picture, cause/effect or to solve a complex problem.

My marketing background is somewhat unique in that I’ve created brands for and helped rebrand several organizations ranging from small niche companies with less than 50 people to a global enterprises spanning multiple countries with over 90,000 employees.


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