Keeping customers can be even more complex than winning them over in the purchase and support stages of the journey. Creating positive outcomes makes for repeat spending, advocacy and trust. It’s something we’ve mastered, so when Tech Data’s Microsoft team asked us to put our proven brand loyalty strategies to work, we delivered a customized, comprehensive microsite.


Microsoft was looking to create a comprehensive MDF management program to provide Microsoft’s top cloud partners with a streamlined process to request marketing funds, increase partner loyalty and execute first-rate marketing campaigns.



From lead generation to e-commerce solutions,

Tech Data’s Reseller Connect team offers customized integrated marketing services designed to boost awareness and reach resellers’ end users. resellerCONNECT marketing experts implemented a comprehensive MDF management program by providing a variety of effective deliverables.



Reseller Connect accomplished Microsoft’s goals by delivering:


+ A customized microsite allowing reseller

   partners to select from a list of marketing

   activities and submit requests for other activities


+  Three pre-approved marketing campaigns

    within the budget guidelines of each partner

+  A tailored email marketing campaign for the top
   30 partners designed to capture and verify
   contact information

+  A dedicated BDR and project specialist from

   the resellerCONNECT team to ensure smooth




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