Meet Pablo Zurzolo

Vice President, Marketing, Americas

What’s your Tech Data story?

I’ve worked in the IT channel throughout most of my career—first with a value added reseller, then a manufacturer and twice with a distributor. I managed Tech Data Agency from 1999-03. At the time, we were first starting up our web properties and collecting data to help understand more about our customers’ needs and online behaviors. I returned to the agency in a new digital world and Tech Data’s investments in marketing technology has proved critical and allows us the ability to match our vendors with the right channel players to take advantage of the next wave of third platform solution selling.


What do you do at Tech Data Agency?

I help vendors find the right route to market, educate and incent the channel to sell their solution.


How would you complete these sentences?

My most unique talents include an understanding of the channel, a love of data science and a strong belief in the power of effective and targeted marketing.

As a leader at Tech Data Agency, I’m often asked how can we measure the ROI of this investment?

I’d surely win agency awards for Most Likely to Scrutinize an Invoice and No. 1 Digital Marketing Cheerleader.

My new job title could be chief marketing data evangelist.

My typical work day involves putting out fires and managing a growing decentralized international staff.

I love my job because it’s rarely the same day twice.

If I wasn’t a marketing professional, I’d most likely be a lawyer or travel writer.

My clients probably don’t know I’m more of an ops guy than a marketing guy, and I’m a sucker for any kind of video and computer gadget.


Where are you from?

I was born in Argentina, lived in the Boston area through high school, then Washington, D.C for my undergrad, NYC for work and Chicago for grad school. I currently reside with my partner in the Tampa area.


Fact File

Interests: Travel, cooking and historical fiction

Languages: Spanish, some French and Italian

Guilty of binge watching: Spy and espionage movies or miniseries

Fave movie: Passage to India

Fave books: House of Spirits and Shadow of the Wind

Unforgettable concert: Sting, Nothing Like the Sun in Buenos Aires, 1987



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