Although customers are ready to commit during the purchase stage, nurturing and reinforcing this investment decision remains critical. Tech Data Agency has the experience needed to guide buyers through finalizing their purchase with confidence. Our execution of Tech Data’s Extreme Networks manufacturer store is a perfect example of how we successfully tapped into this skill.


Extreme Networks was looking for an easy-to-manage-and-monitor central communications hub to provide resellers with information and create reseller engagement strategies.


By working closely with Tech Data Product Marketing and the Extreme Networks team, Tech Data Agency was able to identify reseller needs and establish a competitive and comprehensive approach. We needed to position Extreme Networks as a leading network solutions provider, create a forum to educate resellers, and increase their exposure, reach, and marketing capabilities beyond their partner community.



Tech Data Agency’s skilled web team developed a manufacturer store–a microsite that lives within the shop.techdata.com e-commerce experience. This established the central location and hub they wanted.

+ A significant surge and uptick in business related

   to the e-merchandising factor

+ Measurable increase in user time on site, total

   page views and unique page views

+ Kickoff launch began with a 08:50 average time

   on site and within one month increased to 13:25

   time on site

+ Over the first three months, unique page views

   averaged 35% and increased to 58%



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