Reseller Connect and Demand Creation teams work collaboratively with vendors and customers to maximize their marketing investment, generate demand and capitalize on market opportunities.

What We Do

How We Do It

By The Numbers

+ Recruit high-potential

   customers, create awareness

   and build buy in

+ Enable customers for success

   with customized marketing


+ Grow net-new customers and

   end users

+ Business intelligence to identify

   white-space opportunities

+ Marketing consultation to assess

   customer readiness and develop

   strategic partnerships

+ Demand generation and lead

   nurturing programs to convert leads

+ Integrated marketing campaigns

   to recruit customers and drive

   end-user demand

+ Data-driven decisions

+ Powerful customer connections

+ Improved customer readiness

+ Effective marketing strategies

+ Strong end-user pipeline

+ Measurable results



+ Proprietary business intelligence

   identify market opportunities

+ Marketing consultation

   determine customer readiness

   and capability

+ Integrated campaigns – optimize

   customer selection


See how Microsoft increased customer engagement.

+ TDEngage – build end-user

    engagement and increase

    customer online presence

+ Marketing Portal – equip

   customers with easy-to-deploy,

   co-branded marketing campaigns

+ Marketing Consultation – develop

   customized strategies to optimize


+Tech Data Loyalty Rewards

    customers earn points on products

    or behaviors you want to promote


See how Apple expanded distribution and customer enablement through TDEngage.


+ Lead Generation – convert your

   target audience into leads

+ Lead Progression – support

   customers through the sales cycle

+ Digital Marketing – reach more

   end users

+ MDF Management – increase

   marketing effectiveness and ROI

+ Marketing Consultation

   discover new ways to grow

+ Partner Program – equip

   customers throughout the sales cycle

+ Campaign Metrics –track

   marketing analytics

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