Providing post-purchase assistance and support is critical to offering customers innovative ways to continue differentiating them from their competitors. Keeping their message and brand thriving and connected to their target is a must. Our understanding of how to execute this on time and on budget helped us develop the ideal awareness and support solution for Ruckus. Ruckus was a new Tech Data vendor at the time – we had one chance to get it right, and we did.


As a new vendor, Ruckus was looking to increase sales floor awareness to Tech Data customers. Ruckus was looking to launch a large awareness campaign at Tech Data that would bring attention to the internal sales team, and provide external communication to reach 60,000+ channel customers.




Working with the Tech Data Agency, Ruckus was able Create mindshare and awareness on the sales floor as well as provide all Tech Data customers with another wireless access point option


Using Tech Data Agency, Ruckus worked closely with the creative and events teams to create an innovative branding concept that helped separate them from the pack. They worked together on budget allocation, aligning the brand with incentives, event coordination, quarterly sales incentives, branding ideas, planning for long term impact, announcements, planning a snack and sell, and ensuring the overall message stayed on target.

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