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Product Divisions

Tech Data has five main product divisions:

To obtain more detailed information on Tech Data's product lines, please contact our Business Development Managers.


Whether you build your own systems or sell individual parts, Tech Data's Computer Components Product Division offers a comprehensive lineup of over 10,000 products from a distinguished team of vendor partners. Our breadth of component products include:

  • system platforms
  • cases
  • drives
  • memory
  • processors
  • motherboards
  • video cards
  • keyboards
  • monitors

Not only do we supply the parts, but our value-added services such as configuration and assembly, credit and finance options, electronic commerce, Private Label Delivery and pre-and post-sales technical support are available to enhance any Tech Data purchase.

You can get answers to your components questions by sending e-mail to our Components division or by calling 727-539-7429.


When it comes to networking, Tech Data has the products and services you need to get the job done.

  • Technical Support - We offer pre- and post-sales configuration assistance and network design.

  • Solutions - We offer a wide range of networking products, including wide area networks with routers and bridges, local area networking switches, hubs and NICs, premise wiring products, software and modems. Tech Data has the products and technical expertise to bring it all together.

  • Commitment to the channel - Whether you're selling routers, frame relay adapters, DSU/CSUs, Muxes, ISDN adapters, or any other WAN product, Tech Data has the data transport pipeline to get everything up and running.


Add value and margin to every sale and increase your bottom line with peripherals. Tech Data is a worldwide leader in peripheral product distribution. We can provide the products and support all of your peripherals needs, including:

  • printers
  • monitors
  • modems
  • multimedia
  • accessories
  • scanners
  • memory
  • video
  • media
  • power protection

Tech Data's peripherals products are unmatched in the industry. Our strong vendor relationships and volume purchase capabilities provide you with the best selection and pricing on today's hot peripherals products. Tech Data has large, well-stocked distribution centers strategically located nationwide to supply you with "just in time" service.

To contact our Peripherals Division, send e-mail to periph@techdata.com.


Tech Data is your full-line software distributor offering a wide array of the industry's best-selling products from top-tier software publishers. We carry the latest titles from over 300 business, education, entertainment, connectivity, and productivity software vendors.

Key reasons to source your software from Tech Data include:

  • prompt delivery
  • comprehensive technical and sales support
  • competitive pricing
  • personal service

Place a software order today and experience the Tech Data difference yourself. You can e-mail your software-related questions to software@techdata.com or call 727-539-7429.


Tech Data offers a broad range of industry-leading PC products and services to meet the demanding needs of today's most sophisticated users. We carry products from every major manufacturer, offering resellers the largest selection of notebooks, desktops and servers available in the industry today. Tech Data also offers several major component products allowing you to build your own systems.

With Tech Data's TD Elect program, we can offer the most competitive prices in the industry today. Dedicated customer service representatives and technical support staff are available to provide pre- and post-sales support. And our Systems Engineering group will assist you with complex custom configurations. Tech Data's knowledgeable sales staff are extensively trained in emerging technology markets. If you have a question about systems, contact us by sending an e-mail to systems@techdata.com.

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