Microsoft Azure through CSP. Innovation for endless possibilities, on a flexible, consumption-based model.

Why Azure?

Open and Flexible

With the only consistent hybrid cloud on the market, you can deploy open, scalable solutions on-premises, in the cloud, or across our 54 global regions—more than any other provider—all while reducing costs.

Work Intelligently

With more than 100 available services, Azure solves your clients’ challenges with intelligent apps that leverage the power of AI and data services. From IoT to bots, with Azure you’ll be ready.

Trusted, Reliable, Secure

Join startups, governments, and the 90% of the Fortune 500 running on Microsoft Cloud today. With built-in monitoring, threat detection, 99.9% SLA and 70+ compliance offerings, you can depend on Azure.

Introducing Azure Click to Runs on StreamOne.

Deploy Microsoft Azure solutions in hours!

Tech Data’s Click to Run solutions for Microsoft Azure allow you to deploy public cloud environments within hours, saving you time and resources, and allowing you to be more profitable quicker. Here are just a few Click to Runs that are available on StreamOne.

• Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery
• Azure Virtual Machines
• Red Hat Open Shift on Azure
• And more available on the StreamOne Cloud Marketplace

Explore StreamOne

Purchase. Deploy. Manage. Two StreamOne Platforms- More Flexibility.

Tech Data’s StreamOne Cloud Marketplace offers an Azure analytics dashboard where you can monitor Azure usage in real-time. The dashboard provides easy monthly tracking, usage predictions, budget limits and proactive alerts if the usage charges exceed set thresholds.

StreamOne Enterprise Solutions allows you to receive even more detailed usage analytics, as well as the ability for you to set up your own private labelled storefront.

Find Your Platform
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Tech Data makes Microsoft Azure Simple and Profitable


Assessments are a key component for partners before moving their customer’s workloads to the cloud. Tech Data can show you how to access free assessments, so reach out to our Tech Data Azure rep. Let us help you discover opportunities in your clients' networks.

Build Pipeline


The Tech Data Cloud and Automation team works hand-in-hand with partners to provide the necessary level of expertise and tools for the migration services. A combination of third-party automated discovery tools, Tech Data integration products and proven processes are used to cost-effectively speed migration projects.

Estimate Your ROI

Training & Education

Earning Microsoft competencies helps you demonstrate your expertise in delivering quality solutions in a specialized area of business, provide a recognizable credential to help you win new customers, and boost your profitability through increased incentives. Tech Data is the only distributor authorized by Microsoft to offer courses that help partners earn competencies.

Earn Competencies

Additional Microsoft Azure Resources


Deploy a Windows Virtual Desktop in minutes with our newest Click-to-Run Solution.

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It's Your Time to Modernize

Migrating your customer’s Windows Server and SQL Server instances is easy with Tech Data.

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Accelerate Your Azure Revenue

Take Your Azure Business to the Next Level with our Azure Express Enablement Path.

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