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StreamOneTM Cloud Marketplace (SCM)

StreamOneTM Ion Enterprise (SIE)

I want a platform that simplifies and speeds up cloud transactions; and is much faster than dealing with individual vendor processes.
I want to be able to resell multi-cloud SaaS in monthly or annual subscriptions; managing those on behalf of my end user.
I want to resell multi-cloud IaaS and SaaS products and offer my customers self-service access for real time purchasing, reporting and management of consumption and subscriptions down to the department level.
I want to be able to quickly and easily learn about buying and managing cloud services.
I want to launch my own branded storefront for my customers.
I want access to pre-bundled hybrid solutions to help get me started on more complex cloud solutions.
Automated multi-cloud billing is very important to me.
At this time I have no need for an on-line customer facing marketplace.
I want to predominately serve mid-market and enterprise customers.
I want to predominantly serve SMB customers.
I want to leverage APIs and Connectors to automated business processes.

Enhance the Power of StreamOneTM with CloudCheckr

Looking for greater control and visibility to optimize AWS and Azure usage? StreamOneTM CloudCheckr Analytics and Management Services extent platform capabilities with enhanced cost, security, and performance management tools. Our Partners may select one of two CloudCheckr packages for AWS and/or Azure.

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