Offer a Full Business Solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Higher Price Point

Dynamics 365 as a business solution has a higher price point than other Microsoft products (Office 365 and Microsoft 365), meaning you'll earn more revenue and a higher margin per tenant added.

Lifetime Clients

ERP and CRM products create lifetime clients, due to their integration into the business process. Dynamics 365 offers scalable solutions at various price points, so as your clients' businesses grow, you grow with it.

Easy Integration

Dynamics 365 compliments and integrates with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem, including Microsoft 365, Office 365 and Power BI, offering more cross-sell opportunities for you.

Power at Your Fingertips

  • Purchase all of your CSP licensing from StreamOne, our robost billing and provisioning platform.

  • Connect all of your cloud services for easier provisioning, billing and management.

  • Cost-effectively scale your business and expand your portfolio.

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Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

  • Our trusted network of partners will work with you to help successfully implement Dynamics 365 to your customers' organizations.

  • Access our strategic ISV community to easily bundle additional services and support your Dynamics practice.

  • We offer varying levels of seamless customer support to meet the needs of your customers.

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Simplify the Cloud

  • Let our Dynamics Enablement Path take you from zero to your first Dynamics 365 transaction in under 90 days.

  • Receive one-on-one support from our team of Dynamics specialists.

  • Get access to exlusive trainings, marketing campaigns and more.

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A Powerful Partnership

  • Receive scheduled support from a dedicated Dynamics Partner Development Manager.

  • Get access to marketing resources and marketing funding opportunities.

  • As your business grows with us, so do your benefits.

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