We're proud to help businesses of all sizes improve their cloud practices. These stories highlight the ways Tech Data Cloud has helped real partners, and how they can help you.

A Platform to Improve Processes

Through Tech Data’s StreamOne cloud platforms, partners are able to choose the path that makes the most sense for their cloud growth. StreamOne makes it easy to expand your cloud portfolio and offer the best solutions to your customers. With customizable platform experiences from Tech Data, Presidio was able to seamlessly scale their business to support their customers’ rapidly growing cloud subscription needs.

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A True Service Partnership

When our partners need assistance keeping up to date with the most recent offerings, the Tech Data Cloud and Automation Services team is here to help. Forward Tech Solutions (FTS) needed to maintain their business, develop new clients, and offer advanced services and staff augmentation to a rapidly growing client. The Cloud and Automation Services team was able to work side-by-side with FTS to quickly create a plan, execute the needed updates, offer ongoing staff augmentation, and develop a future strategy to support the clients growth.

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Customizable Cloud Solutions

W. O’Donnell needed an immediate cloud based backup solution. Tech Data’s Cloud Backup on Azure’s Click-to-Run solution was a perfect fit based on their customer needs, as well as the simplicity around the deployment process.

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Empowering Success with Cloud Enablement

Not only does Tech Data Cloud offer a comprehensive portfolio of vendors and tools to help grow partners’ cloud practices, but also the experts to help guide them to their goals. Micro Technology Solutions, Inc. was looking to expand their breadth of expertise with a multi-cloud strategy. The partner was able to take advantage of Tech Data’s digital Cloud Practice Builder Program to grow their business as well as differentiate their offerings by taking advantage of the Azure Express Cloud Path.

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Our Tech Data field rep [Justin Hampton] knew about every single incentive program that exists and the ones that used to exist and the ones that will exist. There’s a ton. We’re a small company on our own, only about 35 people. So just working our way through all those programs, figuring out what all the requirements are, is extremely daunting. Having that help navigating programs like CSP is pretty invaluable.

Philip Lupercio

Senior Partner and Senior Architect, Code Authority on growing their Microsoft business through Tech Data’s CSP program

Through Tech Data, we have learned a bunch, progressed down the Cloud Path, absorbed diverse tools and resources including videos, guides, smart guides, affiliated resources and have taken advantage of the unrivaled customer support to get where we need to be. Without Tech Data, we would never have been able to meet the aggressive time line. Today, we feel confident in our abilities and can compete with much bigger national players in our geography and win.

Tom Tavares

VP, Business Development, Micro Technology Solutions, Inc. on his experience with the digital Cloud Practice Builder program

Once we finally got the right people involved the migration to CSP was a smooth transition. It was amazing working with Kyle, he and his team assessed all our subscriptions and identified what was needed. There was a clear roadmap for every migration, which was incredibly important since each were vastly different in scope and complexity. Kyle took time to answer all of our questions and was flexible when coordinating the execution ensuring we kept a high importance on our end customer’s needs.

Melissa Miller

MercuryWorks Client Services Manager

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