Do you want to survive or do you want to thrive?

The Race for Hybrid Cloud Success Continues

87% of cloud users are taking steps toward a hybrid strategy

The market is full of statistics supporting the importance of hybrid cloud adoption. It is necessary for survival, but how can you take it beyond and thrive in a hybrid world? We start our strategic response with IDC’s 7 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of infrastructure modernization. Understanding how your customers are transforming digitally, and how to assess effectiveness is the first step to a thriving practice. Tech Data’s HYBRIDthrive program builds on this, enabling partners to have the full hybrid solution conversation, and leverage our award-winning resources across the hybrid technology stack, vertical markets, vendor line card and market proven KPIs.

The Path Beyond Cloud Survival Starts Here

IDC's seven core KPIs to enabling a best-in-class hybrid practice.*

System Deployment Paradigm
With libraries of use-case specific solutions, we can address where and how data should flow and execute as more deployments push toward IoT/edge.
System Build Paradigm
We understand how to support the evolving need for infrastructure to support application specific requirements and the need for application infrastructure composability.
Consumption Model
Our enablement and consultative support model includes financial exercises exploring the CAPEX-OPEX shift and the optimum use of financial resources when end customers are exploring a hybrid model.
Real-Time Issues Visualization
We enable tracking and monitoring via our vast hybrid cloud ecosystem of partners that focus on management including dashboard tracking, system performance, and downtime reduction.
Infrastructure Data Services
Our Portfolio of industry leading vendor partner solutions addresses location and infrastructure dependent software, as well as protection, integration, orchestration, security, and location optimization services enabling business continuity for your customer base.
Autonomous Ops/Infrastructure
We can mitigate the risk in hybrid adoption with proven, analytics driven automation solutions, and AI/ML capabilities, at the right price and cost model.
IT Governance
Hybrid investments have to make sense. Let us help you focus your resources to meet your customers’ strategic business goals.

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Tech Data’s 5 Steps to Getting Started

How to map your hybrid practice strategy to align with IDC’s best practices.

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