A New Commerce Experience in CSP

The New Commerce Experience delivers stronger growth and profitability opportunity for service providers.
The New Commerce Experience

The new commerce experience will grow your business and drive customer success with:
Alignment of Azure across all sales motions
Single offer catalogue
First/ third party offers through Microsoft Marketplace
Common price list in USD
Management tools
Azure Cost Management: budget, optimization & insight tools
Azure Lighthouse: management across multiple customers tenants
Transition tools
To transition customers to the new Azure experience
Partner governance, control and support of customer environments
CSP margin evolver to Partner earned credit for services managed
Moving to The New Commerce Experience: What You Need to Know

After moving to the New Commerce Experience for Azure, it is not possible to go back to the Legacy model and after moving to Azure Plan is not possible to transfer the subscription to another service provider until June when Microsoft will make available this functionality. In addition, after moving to Azure Plan you cannot transfer subscription and the following features will not be available in Stream One: budget & analytics.
New Commerce Experience FAQ   New Commerce Experience for Azure FAQ
Prepare for The New Commerce Experience
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Legacy vs. The New Commerce
Experience in StreamOne
Find out more information about the key differences of Legacy vs. The New Commerce Experience in StreamOne before you make you the move.
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