Hackers are turning your customers’ worst security nightmares into reality. Significant financial losses, sensitive data leaks and reputational damage are all very real fear factors that are keeping your customers awake at night.

Unfortunately, 77% of organizations do not have a Cybersecurity Incident Response plan in place to deal with these ghoulish attacks. And more than half (54%) of the businesses surveyed reported that they do not test their plans regularly.* Many businesses remain frozen with fear when it comes to facing the very real possibility of a cyberattack. With cybercrime on the rise, the need for an Incident Response Plan to help manage and respond to a cybersecurity incident has never been greater.

Tech Data offers partners new Incident Response (IR) services and Threat Intelligence to help ensure that your customers have the right weapons in place to effectively detect, respond and recover from cyber threats, because the nightmare doesn’t have to become a reality.

Download our Incident Response Infographic to learn how you can protect your customers.

*Source: https://www.globaldots.com/blog/77-of-organizations-lack-a-cybersecurity-incident-response-plan