Malware attacks continue to rise, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Cybercriminals have excelled at creating more sophisticated and harder-to-detect methods of infiltration – even expanding their targets to include mobile phones and smart devices.

What are you doing to protect your customers’ networks against the next threat? Do you know what steps to take to strengthen their defenses?

Malicious software, once installed, can attach itself to legitimate code and spread; it can lurk in useful applications or replicate itself across the Internet. Ultimately, its mission is to invade every inch of your network, encrypt your files, and allow threat actors to gain access to your sensitive information.

Fortunately, Tech Data's Security team is here to help. We’ve created a "How to Boost Your Network's Immune System" infographic: eight steps that will take you through what you need to do to keep your customers’ networks healthy and protected. In addition, we've linked to our meticulously vetted vendor line card to connect you with companies we know and trust to help you find the right antivirus security solutions for you and your customers.

Download our infographic today and discover how to mount a healthy defense against a malicious software attack.