Tech Data Corporation recognizes that a healthy and sustainable environment is critical to our society, economy, business, and people. We believe that our business should be conducted in a manner that embraces sustainability, recycling, and the use of renewable resources to the extent possible consistent with the achievement of our goals for our shareholders, business partners, and staff. We are committed to being a leader in developing best practices in these areas for the technology distribution market. To that end, our objectives include:

  • Instilling environmental responsibility as a corporate value.
  • Researching and implementing energy saving products and services in all of our facilities, such as installing energy efficient lighting in our corporate headquarters
    and throughout our US logistic centers.
  • Recycling all disposable material to the extent possible, including recycling pallets, toner cartridges and shipping cartons among other items.
  • Implementing sustainability as a factor in leasing and purchasing decisions.
  • Utilizing environmentally friendly products.
  • Meeting or exceeding governmental requirements for environmental responsibility.

Tech Data Corporation is committed to considering environmental issues in all aspects of our business. These issues and practices will be subject to ongoing review. As technologies and best practices change we will implement them where practical, measure their success, and expand their use throughout our network.