What we do

TDSourcing provides a comprehensive solution for complex IT product lifecycles. We're an exclusive, single-source provider to Tech Data for End of Life (EOL) and refurbished IT hardware across all major OEMs. We aid in the stabilization of proven data center solutions by providing Extension of Life (XOL) programs that contribute to an overall lower total cost of ownership (TCO). All of our products carry advanced warranties supported by our U.S. sales and support team.


alertlogic amd
asus avaya
emulex epson extreme
fujifilm fujitsu hp enterprise hp
ibm intel
lenovo lexmark logitech
microsoft panasonic
samsung sandisk


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The EOL Advantage
Todays EOL and refurbished products can satisfy many end-users requirements well beyond the manufacturers discontinuation of these products. We can continue to provide these products and allow end users to extend the life of their deployments, improving TCO and freeing up capital for other IT initiatives.

We carry a comprehensive portfolio of EOL and refurbished networking and computer products across all major OEMs. Our customers benefit from a single-source supplier relieving them of complex multi-source agreements.

Product Life Cycle
TDSourcing offers sustainability for those who aren't interested in re-qualifying or re-designing.

Why TDSourcing

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