2022 Summer Interns Reflect on their Impactful Experience

Posted by Mike Fitch on July 22, 2022

It feels like just yesterday we posted our advice for new interns, yet in the blink of an eye, we are closing in on the conclusion of our 2022 summer internship program. At TD SYNNEX, more than 40 brilliant minds joined the ranks of our 22,000 co-workers and made an immediate impact on the strategies, processes, and most importantly, the fresh perspective needed to drive innovation.


While 11 weeks may seem like a short amount of time, I can speak from my past internship that those are 11 of the most formidable weeks of my entire career. I reached out to several of our 2022 interns to learn if they echoed my sentiment. Here were their responses


What was your biggest takeaway?

“Despite this internship being short, I’ve learned a lot about myself, my skills and abilities, and what my future can possibly look like. I’ve gained a lot of hands on, real world experience working on a team for a huge corporation in a unique position. I’ve been thrown a few curveballs, learned how to create professional relationships, and developed new skills that will help me as I grow in my career.” — Veronica Martinez

“I was able to see how a corporate office works. It was interesting to see that it was not a high-stress environment. Things all seemed to be relaxed and people really enjoy working for this company.” — Liz Lowe

“Being able to see how all the departments interact with each other. This is my first time working for a large, global company so it was great to see how all teams and departments feed off of each other.” — Samantha Gilfand

What would you change if you could do it all over again?

“Make more connections across the team and set up more time to chat to get to know who I was working with. People come from all different backgrounds and experiences so getting to know who they are as a person outside of work is really nice.” — Jess Budin


“Coming in with more confidence in myself and my abilities. I came into this internship feeling very nervous because I felt like I was going to mess something up or feeling like I am not qualified with the right skills to complete my projects. This attitude has affected my ability to really showcase my skills and the things I am capable of achieving. By changing my attitude towards myself and my abilities, I believe I would have a better opportunity for personal success and growth within my internship position.” — Veronica


“I wish I had gone into the office a bit more just to meet more people. I think it would have been nice to have the chance to see more of the interns in person and really get to know them that way.” — Liz


What’s your best piece of advice for next year’s intern class?

“Just because your title is one thing, doesn’t mean you can’t help out in other areas of your interests.” — Jess

“Believe in yourself, trust yourself, and recognize that you were chosen to be here for a reason.” — Veronica

“Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and take the time to figure out difficult tasks on your own before asking for guidance.” — Talia

“[Find] a company that cares about its interns and reach out to people to talk about what they do and what they like about the company. You might find another role in the company that you would enjoy doing more than the current role you are interning in.” — Jared

“Take the time to meet your fellow interns. No one else is in a better position to relate to you professionally and personally because you are all at the same time in your lives.” — Liz

“Network with as many co-workers as you can and to be proactive with your projects and helping out.” — Samantha


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Thank you Jess, Veronica, Talia, Jared, Liz and Samantha for being a part of this conversation and for making such a meaningful impact at TD SYNNEX this summer. To learn more about student and recent graduate opportunities, visit our careers site.


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