TD SYNNEX Quotables: Week of February 7, 2022

Posted by Robyn Itule on Feb 8, 2022

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Worth Sharing: The CIO’s no-bull guide to effective IT

Integration. Process. Architecture. People. No bull.


Visual Appeal: That’s no moon!

The Hubble Telescope captured an incredible image of a larger galaxy pulling matter away from a smaller galaxy.

Credit: ESA / Hubble & NASA / J. Dalcanton / Dark Energy Survey / DOE / FNAL/ DECam / CTIO / NOIRLab / NSF / AURA / SDSS Acknowledgement: J. Schmidt

Alternate headlines for this section included:

  1. Gives the phrase “eat a Milky Way” a very dark twist…
  2. Death Eater and Patronus?
  3. It’s a great big universe and we’re all really puny

Know Your Numbers: Minus 1,000,000

College enrollment is declining at a stunning rate. There are roughly one million fewer students enrolled in undergraduate programs than there were two years ago.


The reasons: free tuition and loan forgiveness have stalled out…just as the skills gap is revving up…


Verbatim: Reality *in quotes*

“The most noticeably different aspect of digital life for the average user in 2035 will be a more seamless integration of tools and so-called ‘reality.’”


Barry Chudakov, founder and principal at Sertain Research


Pew Research released a report this week exploring visions of the internet in 2035. Prompted to imagine a better world online, 400+ respondents unearthed key themes for improving digital interactions including:

  • Building better spaces
  • Constructing effective communities
  • Empowering individuals
  • Changing economic life and work
  • Altering “reality”
  • Tackling wicked problems

Thought Starter: The Metaverse is just the second coming of Second Life

MIT Technology Review released a paper this week positing that the Metaverse is an old idea — dating back as far as 1851 to the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations in London, England.


Charles Dickens is recorded to have visited the exhibition.


Bottom line: He experienced the Metaverse and wrote code before you were born. Keep scrolling for that quip to make complete sense.


A Bit of Sage Wisdom: Hot Tech Talent Hiring Strategy…M+A

The number of technology job openings continues to make eyes pop. Some firms are leveraging M+A to fill the talent gap. The trend boosted IT and business services deals* by as much as 10% last year.


Turns out all they really wanted was the talent after all!


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On the Lighter Side: What the Dickens does this say?

Charles Dickens’s shortand. Credit:

Shane Baggs, an IT specialist from San Jose, California deciphered the unintelligible shorthand of a letter penned in 1859 by legendary author Charles Dickens*.


The decoded transcription revealed a dispute Dickens had with the Times of London for rejecting an advertisement he wanted to run in the paper. The note requests the Times run a promotion for a new literary publication.


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