TD SYNNEX Quotables: Week of January 31, 2022

Posted by Robyn Itule on Feb 2, 2022

The week in one-liners from across the Tech Ecosystem…


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Worth Sharing:

Just imagine your January 2020 self trying to make sense of this sentence.


Imagine this same self trying to understand why the New York Times spent seven figures to acquire Wordle.

Visual Appeal:

2022 is coming in with a roar from more than two billion people worldwide celebrating the Lunar New Year starting February 1.


Learn more about the multi-day holiday signaling birth and renewal and the symbolism of the tiger — not to be confused with any symbolism about the Eye of the Tiger.


Know Your Numbers: 4 hours and 23 minutes

That’s the average amount of waking hours Americans spend using their smartphones. This represents 33% of the time we’re awake! In 2010, Americans spent just 24 minutes per day on smartphones.


Hear the breakdown from Scott Galloway.



“This is about ensuring more of the chips that are so critical to our country and our economy are researched, designed, and manufactured domestically over the long term, so we can make our supply chains more resilient and avert the next chip shortage.”


— Dan Rosso, spokesperson for the Semiconductor Industry Association

With Intel’s announcement of a new manufacturing plant in Ohio and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company planning a five-nanometer chip production facility in Phoenix, Arizona, companies are playing the long game to avoid another shortage.


Thought Starter: Insecurity times 2.7 million

The cybersecurity skills gap is reaching critical mass with more than two million open positions worldwide. Technology enrichment and enablement is key to filling these roles and reducing the vulnerability of platforms and people around the globe.


It seems like a daunting task, but programs are emerging to address the need for cybersecurity skills attainment. Get an up-close look at how the Passage Program is doing its part.


A Bit of Sage Wisdom:

“Your most significant role doesn’t involve your results; your job is to inspire your employees’ results.” — Richard S. Wellins


It’s no secret that bringing out the best in others is one of the fastest ways to achieve great outcomes, but we often aim our energy at the work we do, not by inspiring the work our co-workers do.


Bring out the best in others, and yourself too, with these six habits.

On the Lighter Side: Let’s call it a silent device evolution

2005: the revenue stream was noise.


2015: the revenue stream became silence.


2021: we’re marveling that we ever spent $.99 to have Hollaback Girl play at max ringer volume when our besties were calling our pink Motorola Razer…


But really, this was always about devices. Wearables entered the chat to keep us notified — Samsung Galaxy Gear debuted in 2013 and Apple Watch arrived April 24, 2015.


Apple and Samsung followed their watches with the introduction of AirPods and the Gear IconX headphones, respectively, in September 2016.


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