Best of 2021: Our Top 5 Articles of the Year

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As we reflect on the year that was, 2021 was certainly a monumental year for TD SYNNEX and the entire IT ecosystem. For starters, Tech Data and SYNNEX announced their intent to merge in March and then completed the merger in September to form the brand-new TD SYNNEX. Meanwhile, the IT channel saw tremendous growth in next-generation technologies like 5G, data analytics, digital transformation, hybrid cloud environments, everything-as-a-service, IoT and security. All of this growth left a significant knowledge gap, and TD SYNNEX has been working closely with our partners to ensure they are equipped and enabled to capitalize on all of the available market opportunities.


To better capture market trends and share thought leadership from within the TD SYNNEX business, we had several transformations of our own in how we communicate to our partners. Moving from our legacy Tech Data Authority blog, we put our focus on Medium, our new platform of choice for news and information you can use. To get a taste of the articles that our readers connected with the most, here is a look back at the top five most viewed articles of 2021.


5. What is Driving New Tech Consumption Models?

Summary: As more organizations are adapting to the rapid rise of digital transformation initiatives, consumption IT has granted more flexibility and efficiency in the way that IT projects are being financed. These new tech consumption models allow organizations to only pay for the IT equipment that they use, rather than dealing with under- or over-utilized overhead costs that happen when trying to predict tech demand. In this article, you’ll read about what’s causing the shift to consumption-based financing and what the primary benefits are.


4. By the Numbers: Solutions Factory Production Second Only to Santa’s Workshop

Summary: In a recent holiday-themed article, we featured our Cloud and IoT Solutions Factory, a TD SYNNEX exclusive next-gen practice builder that helps partner organizations take the next step in their cloud or IoT deployments. Solutions Factory is led by our Click to Run™ methodology, which packages top vendor solutions in a ready-to-deploy bundle to make implementation a breeze. In this article, you’ll get a step-by-step look at Solutions Factory and the numbers behind the success of the program since it was initiated in 2019.


3. What’s All the Chatter Around Solutions Aggregation?

Summary: Traditional IT distribution has evolved. The technology channel is seeing the term “solutions aggregation” used more often, but what does it mean? Solutions aggregators are companies (like TD SYNNEX) that have developed deep relationships with a broad portfolio of vendor partners and own the skills, expertise and services to deliver solutions to resellers to bring to market. In this article, we give a historical look at distribution, how it’s evolved, what’s causing the disruption and why solutions aggregation needs to be at the heart of the tech ecosystem.


2. Look out Corporate America, Here We Are!

Summary: We were very honored to have then-vice president of vendor marketing Anthony Graziano featured in the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Business of Pride event. In this guest article, Anthony gave his first-hand account of his experience as a gay individual in corporate America over the past two decades, including how the perception of sexual orientation has evolved and how more organizations are placing diversity, equity and inclusion at the top of their core values. While there may still be a lot of education to be shared on the long road of LGBTQ+ equality, there’s confidence in the progress. From Anthony: “Looking back, I should have realized sooner in my career that being gay isn’t my kryptonite, but my superpower.”


1. How Microchip Shortages and Supply Chain Disruption will Impact Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Summary: Our top story of the year focused on the chaotic nature of this year’s holiday shopping season. Between supply chain disruptions, a massive microchip shortage, a workforce and labor shortage and a historically-growing inflation rate, it was certainly a time for all of us to practice a little more patience and empathy. This article offers some background, context and additional resources to help understand how all of these things are connected and when to expect the situation to right itself.


On behalf of TD SYNNEX, we want to thank all of our readers, partners and co-workers for engaging with us throughout the year. We’re looking forward to more collaboration in 2022 as we share the trends and topics that are shaping the tech world. To ensure you’re always up to date, be sure to follow our publication on Medium and subscribe to our The Update bi-weekly newsletter. Happy New Year!

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