May the Fourth Be with You: Wisdom on Succeeding in Channel Technology

Posted by Mike Fitch on Aug 25, 2021

In a galaxy not too far away, IT channel professionals are evolving and transforming to meet the demands of today’s market. Inspired by discussing today’s top channel trends and the best way for your squadron to navigate barriers at the speed of light. 


1. Seek out expert training and coaches you will. Across systems you need not go!

It’s no secret that adding new knowledge and certifications will better enable resellers to be better equipped to help bring solutions to market. With more than 400 top technology vendor partners and dedicated Tech Data solutions groups, we are positioned to help our channel partners reach their potential through industry-recognized training and certification programs. 


Harness the power of ExitCertified, our in-house IT training and certification center. Through ExitCertified, our reseller partners have access to more than 9,500 authorized IT training courses and certifications from more than 25 of the top industry brands. Navigate through the robust ExitCertified catalog, where you can filter by the type of course, solution area, brand and more. With so many new IT skills growing in demand, ExitCertified curates the best paths to help grow future career plans and advance to the next level in your chosen field. 

For those interested in furthering their cloud, IoT and other next-gen knowledge, our Tech Data Coaches program will learn about your interests and then pair you with one of our master-level group of coaches, whom hold a vibrant mix of expertise across a wide range of business, technology, and supplier areas. Through the Coaches program, you’ll grow your connections and learn how you can bring new knowledge on marketing, strategy and enablement back to your own system. Best of all, getting started is cost-free. 


2. Protect against the forces of evil you must. Leverage our rebel base you can. 

It’s a trap! The sophistication of cybersecurity breaches has reached an all-time high as both individuals and companies are adapting to new methods of protecting critical data. Collectively as the IT channel, it is our responsibility to combat and destroy the $1 trillion ransomware and phishing market.  


Results of cybersecurity attacks can be devastating in terms of cost and reputation. However, with this threat comes an enormous market opportunity for our resellers to ensure their security practice is prepared to protect their customers. As organizations remain in dire need of enhanced protection from breaches, Tech Data, our vendors, our reseller partners and their customers can all form an alliance to make sure we are all protected now and in the future from attacks in every system across the galaxy. 


Tech Data Security Solutions and the state-of-the-art Cyber Range is built with customer data protection top-of-mind. The Cyber Range is a virtual environment that immerses participants in a simulated threat. Through the simulation, reseller partners are better equipped to have the skills necessary to design cybersecurity solutions and services that will mitigate against the most advanced cyber threats in the industry.  

Take a virtual tour of the Cyber Range


3. To prepare for the future, the right tools you will need. Connected they should be. 

Rebels and scavengers of all kinds are equipped  with the most useful, versatile and critical tools in their trade. The same can be said about IT channel professionals and the addition of next-gen technologies to their solutions arsenal. While we’ve already touched on cloud training and security practices, there are other next-gen solutions to consider.

Take, for instance, IoT and analytics, a critical puzzle piece in the next-gen technology conversation. Healthcare, retail, energy, industrial, smart cities; no matter which industry your clients reside in, the Internet of Things is everywhere. In fact, there are now more IoT devices than humans in 2021, and the market continues to grow year-over-year.  

So, what might the connected IoT tools of the future look like? 

  • Sensors that track optimal strike angle and speed efficiency 
  • 5G connectivity for bug fixes and system enhancements 
  • Artificial intelligence functionality that learns situational encounters 
  • Multi-factor authentication to restrict unauthorized users 
  • Mobile app integration for device customization 
  • Analytics that track daily usage for performance improvements 

While even the Lightsaber isn’t patented (yet), in 2021 there are more and more everyday devices that are becoming connected. To learn more about how you can incorporate IoT and analytics into your solutions practice, explore our IoT Digital Practice Builder, where our experts can fast track you to IoT sales execution.  

Ideas you have from navigating across the IT galaxy? Share them in the comments you will.

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