3 Ways AWS Click to Run™ Solutions Are Accelerating Channel Partners’ Cloud Practice

Posted by Mike Fitch on Aug 25, 2021

Today, we announced a new suite of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Click to Run™ solutions as part of our multi-vendor Cloud Solutions Factory. The Cloud Solutions Factory started more than two years ago and have expanded to include more than 30 cloud solutions to simplify cloud deployments.


The new solutions, as part of the announcement, are foundational to cloud success, with each solution addressing key technologies, such as compute, digital workplace, data modernization and application innovation.

While the press release can give you the details on the solutions themselves, we went behind the curtain with Raquel Acuna , g lobal ma rketing ma nager, n ext- g en so lutions a ggregation , and Shawn Jordan , senior cloud solutions manager, to discuss this first-of-its-kind solution and identify the top benefits for channel partners that were not identified in the press release.


Simplify the complex cloud environment

Primarily, Click to Run™ solutions are geared toward our channel partners who are just getting started with their cloud practice, specifically those that are interested in ramping up their AWS presence. It becomes a great way to accelerate time-to-market while growing their portfolio. Traditional rollouts of an AWS environment would take hours or days; using the new Click to Run™ solutions, it can now take as little as 15–30 minutes.


We shorten the sales cycle and technical cycle


Developing a robust next-gen portfolio, specifically around cloud architecture, can be daunting and complex, requiring valuable time, expertise and resources to roll out successfully. When you couple that with the fact that end user customers’ business outcomes and needs are also becoming increasingly complex, it can be extremely difficult to meet demand. Customers may be looking for more automation, more storage, faster data processing, more efficient transactions, all addressed with Click to Run™.


Many of our partners are invested in third party software applications; Click to Run™ makes it easy to integrate these offerings, especially in today’s bring-your-own-license, multi-cloud aggregation and orchestration model. Our goal by simplifying the complex is all about profitability for partners through reduced time and resource costs.


Eliminating the technical skills gap


Many channel partners don’t have the personnel or expertise to support an AWS rollout on their own. On the back end, Tech Data takes care of all configuration, vetting and testing so that it eliminates the need to perform these tasks upon rollout. As a result, these solutions don’t require an extensive list of certifications and won’t tie up the engineering team, saving time, money and resources so that they can focus on what they do best. This allows organizations to:

  • Allow junior-level engineers to assist in the Click to Run™ rollout, while the senior-level engineers can go back to focusing on the more complex issues.
  • Automate and support a cross-vendor environment, even for those without a cloud background.

We also build out a post-deployment package for support and to answer any additional questions.


Enablement opportunities

As part of the Click to Run™ package, channel partners are supported with an investment from Tech Data in enablement activities, including valuable training, launch solutions, prepared marketing campaigns and more to help them get started. In addition, Tech Data will serve in a white-labeled capacity to deliver training, demos and webinars to the end user customer on behalf of the channel partner. Tech Data also equips channel partners to deliver battlecards, customized one-pager templates, customer emails and more in a campaign-in-a-box service.

Through these enablement and white-label services, we’re helping our channel partners stand out from competition. Moving forward, we’re looking forward to also rolling out cloud-specific white-labeled store fronts, similar to that of Tech Data’s MyShop.


So, what’s next? As we continue to roll out more Click to Run solutions, we plan to address more complex cloud rollouts for the next tier of savvy channel partners, with more opportunity for streamlined cloud processes and automation. We have also heard the demand for cloud integration with additional next-gen technologies like security, data analytics and IoT and are helping to provide the building blocks and foundations for these architectures. Additionally, existing and new Solutions Factory Click to Run™ solutions will continue to be optimized and improved upon to better merge multiple AWS offerings together with third party integration, such as data visualization analytics platforms.

To learn more, please visit the Cloud Solutions Factory or contact tdcloud@techdata.com.


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