4 Reasons to Invest in Community Relations

Posted by TD SYNNEX Editor on Apr 15, 2022

Investing time, money and resources into community relations may seem like an obvious way to help an organization build public rapport and sentiment. And you’d be absolutely right.


Having a strong corporate responsibility framework and emphasizing the value of being a good corporate citizen is a prerequisite for company success in 2022. There is a seemingly endless list of environmental and social topics that are at the forefront of all of our minds: sustainability, climate, social justice, human rights, media distrust and global unrest just to name a few. For small and midsize businesses to enterprise corporations, ignoring these topics is not only disregarding a place of impactful opportunity, but creating a glaring hole of weakness.

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As part of our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen, we recognize the importance of making a positive impact while inspiring and enabling our co-workers to build strong partnerships within the community. The TD SYNNEX community relations program is aligned with three pillars:

  • Digital divide
  • Children
  • Wellness

By focusing on these three pillars, our community relations program can target, vet, qualify and partner with nonprofit organizations and assist with charitable giving, volunteerism and fundraising activities. By finding your core pillars, you can establish the direction you want your community relations program to go and narrow your concentration from a potentially overwhelming list of potential causes.


For organizations that are looking to build or ramp up their corporate responsibility and citizenship efforts, we’ve identified four reasons why you should be investing time, money and resources in community causes.


1. Attract Top Talent

The global COVID-19 pandemic has completely re-shifted the employment market. Dubbed The Great Resignation, 2021 saw record numbers of employees looking for better pay, opportunities for career advancement, more flexibility and a more positive company culture that fosters enjoyable working conditions, which is continuing into 2022. The technology industry is one of those most impacted, with an extreme need to fill in-demand roles. Organizations are looking for every edge to sway job candidates and having a defined company culture around corporate responsibility is a great way to attract new talent.


recent Gallup poll asked Gen Z and Millennials (who make up about 46% of the workforce) what they’re looking for in a workplace. Their top three responses:

  1. An employer who cares for their well-being
  2. Leaders who are ethical, open and transparent
  3. An employer who supports a diverse and inclusive workplace

Other articles from ForbesGreat Place to Work and Occupop echo this same sentiment, citing that Gen Z and Millennials want a company culture that thrives on making a difference and providing a special purpose. Environmental, social and governance play such a key role in the conscientious thoughts of potential candidates that they will prioritize a company that emphasizes the community over one that may not.


How we’re walking the walk: Seminole Heights Elementary School
Not all schools around the world are fortunate enough to have essential items for their students to succeed. Particularly true in low-income neighborhoods, these schools often rely on the generosity of others to help provide the necessary economic support, supplies and equipment. One such school, Seminole Heights Elementary School in Tampa, Fla., has faced ongoing economic struggles as a Title 1 school (more than 80% of students receive free or reduced-cost lunches) but continues to persevere as academic scores improve.


TD SYNNEX Senior Profit Manager Eva Carbella saw the resiliency of Seminole Heights and was instantly drawn to their ability to go above and beyond expectations. After regularly volunteering with the school, Eva connected with the TD SYNNEX community relations team to form a new partnership with the school. As a result, TD SYNNEX was able to secure the funding for new televisions to support digital learning.


2. Build Local Relationships

In the last two years, we’ve realized what a truly connected global digital world can look like. We’ve also learned to appreciate how meaningful those local connections and interactions always have been and will continue to be. For businesses with a global presence, it’s critical to have a local touch, whether it’s community outreach, marketing, sales, supply chain or beyond. Investing in institutions, nonprofits and causes that are near major facilities provides dividends on both sides of the coin: it provides newfound awareness, visibility and affinity for both your organization and the cause(s) in which you support.


How we’re walking the walk: Share the Magic
TD SYNNEX Share the Magic is an annual fundraising program designed to provide the much-needed funding for a carefully selected group of community partners in key North American markets where TD SYNNEX has a presence.


To date, Share the Magic has raised more than $17 million for special organizations in South Carolina, Colorado, Illinois, California and Canada that give children and families the help and care they need to build better lives.


3. Highlight Driven Co-workers

Employee recognition matters. As humans, we have a natural desire for positive affirmation, especially when it comes to passion projects and high-output assignments. Leaders are discovering that co-workers have an extreme passion for nonprofit and charitable causes; while co-workers may not be seeking individual attention, it’s important for those that are giving back to feel heard and recognized for the impact that they’re making. At TD SYNNEX, we’ve established a Charitable Contributions Program for co-workers to submit funding requests for local charities. This program is a great opportunity to support our co-workers passions and an introduction to an organization that’s making a difference in their community.


How we’re walking the walk: GirlUp GVL
During Black History Month, TD SYNNEX partnered with the Greenville Journal for an op-ed featuring Brianna Berry, a supervisor of the University Engagement Talent Acquisition team at TD SYNNEX and co-chair for GirlUp GVL, a Greenville, S.C. nonprofit that that helps middle and high school girls of color achieve their full potential. Through our TD SYNNEX Business Resource Group Beacon, GirlUp GVL was included in the TD SYNNEX Martin Luther King Jr. Week of Service, honoring Dr. King by focusing on outreach to diversity-based organizations. Partnering with GirlUp GVL has provided co-workers with the ability to serve the community while learning more about local advocacy efforts.


4. Make the World a Better Place

Lastly, and (not even arguably) most importantly, corporations and their co-workers that are good citizens of the world can feel a sense of pride that they are doing their part in transforming the world for generations to come. No matter how big or how small, organizations have the power and ability to make lasting, impactful change and embed a culture of giving throughout their co-workers, their families and their communities.


How we’re walking the walk: Teen Workforce Program
One way to make the world a better place is by empowering future generations with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive innovation and cultivate success. Recently TD SYNNEX partnered with The Boys & Girls Club of Gloucester County (N.J.) to form a new Teen Workforce Program, a paid working opportunity to give young individuals the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with one of the largest IT companies in the world. For many participants of the Teen Workforce Program, this is their first paid job, where they will have access to mentors who will help guide them on the start of their career journey. While on the job, they’ll learn the ins and outs of the IT industry and gain logistics and warehousing operation skills. Participants who successfully complete one year of the Teen Workforce Program will have the opportunity to receive a college or trade school scholarship to help them toward their dream career.


To learn more about our newly-announced Corporate Citizenship program, please visit our dedicated website.

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