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Posted by TD SYNNEX Editor on Feb 14, 2022

It’s February 14, which means love is in the air, chocolates come in heart-shaped boxes and roses by the dozen steal the floral spotlight. In the IT channel, though, it’s a great time to reflect on why we love the tech ecosystem so much. A couple of months ago, we talked about why it’s great to be in technology; there are tremendous opportunities in the era of digital transformation and next-gen technologies. But we wanted to look beyond the nuts and bolts of an IT project. Behind every corporate logo is a team of experts — of people — who are each doing their part to drive innovation. And we love that.

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Here are the top four things we love about our technology ecosystem:


1. Partnerships

There is no technology channel if the partnerships don’t work seamlessly. Just a decade ago, the traditional tiered technology distribution model relied on a very linear, one-to-one model that was very transactional in nature. Today, complex customer challenges require custom, tailored solutions and it takes a one-to-many web of relationship-building to make that work. At first, converged and hyperconverged solutions required multi-vendor support; then, those solutions required additional end-to-end services, like financing or recycling and disposal. Now, multi-vendor hardware, coupled with tailored software and support services now also need to ensure they’re fully integrated with cloud connectivity, data analytics and cybersecurity needs.


To successfully make this happen, the technology channel relies on a robust stack of partnerships. As we collectively strive for innovation, we know there are no longer generalists that can solve it all — the tech channel is bursting with specialists, each playing their own vital role in fulfilling the success of end user customers.


2. The sense of community

Perhaps the best tool that members of the tech ecosystem have… is each other. One of the things we love about the channel is the aspect of collaboration, when all competition goes out the window, all in the name of solving complex challenges. LinkedIn groups, like-minded associations, industry events and online communities are all great ways to gather unique perspectives, especially on emerging technologies where organizations may be venturing into a first-time deployment. We recently highlighted our three partner communities and they co-exist to touch all corners of our partner base.


3. Technology for good

We’ve seen many powerful companies are using their innovation to make a positive impact on planet Earth through incredibly valuable sustainability initiatives. In our 2022 predictions article, we projected that more companies will be relying on IoT and edge technologies to focus on renewable energy initiatives and combatting climate change. Even through a global microchip shortage, companies are working in tandem to ensure renewable energy becomes more accessible around the globe. We partner with many top vendors who are already taking great strides in minimizing our industry’s environmental footprint.


4. An emphasis on company values

We may be saving the best for last. Companies, for decades, have been putting their core beliefs, ethics and morals on the “About Us” section of their website, but that didn’t always equate to accountability. In 2022, customers want to know that they’re only buying from companies that are sourcing materials responsibly, treating their customers with respect and have a mission to drive toward modernization. It’s also a critical aspect for prospective employees to know that their potential employer values diversity and inclusion, honesty and transparency, and commits to a strong company culture. We love to see so many of our vendors and partners practicing what they preach when it comes to their own core principles. At TD SYNNEX, we live by our key values:

  • Inclusion: All voices matter
  • Collaboration: Amplifying the strength of the marketplace
  • Integrity: Character counts
  • Excellence: Delivering value through work ethic and commitment to success

On behalf of all of us at TD SYNNEX, we are wishing all of our beloved ecosystem a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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