Focused and Tailored Practice Builder Methodology Drives Next-Gen Results

Posted by Mike Fitch on Oct 19, 2021

Starting a brand-new cloud, IoT or security practice from scratch is a monumental task, but in 2021, it’s something that is critical to capturing the seemingly unlimited market opportunity. Operating exclusively through a traditional standalone on-premise data center while ignoring these next-gen trends is not the most effective (or realistic) endeavor.


As one of the world’s largest solutions aggregators, TD SYNNEX has relationships with thousands of vendors who are making innovative adaptation to cloud, IoT and security; as a result, we are in a unique position to help consult and advise channel partners and their end users on how to capitalize on this immense opportunity. TD SYNNEX has created a tried-and-true Practice Builder methodology to help partners with exactly that.


How it Works: A Step-by-Step Approach to Meet Business Needs


Primarily, Practice Builder helps develop channel partners in one of three areas: cloud, IoT and security. In each of these tracks, we’ll walk with you step-by-step through the entire Practice Builder approach:

  1. Enrollment — Whether you’re interested in exploring the Cloud, IoT or Security Practice Builder, you’ll start by filling out an application form on the bottom of the Practice Builder website. Once completed, our team will be alerted, and we will reach out with further instructions.
  2. Business assessment — As part of the discovery phase of Practice Builder, we will ask each organization to complete a business assessment, so that we can get a better understanding of your current goals and strategy, as well as identify areas for growth and improvement.
  3. Strategize — During the strategy session, we will take a look at the current market opportunity and develop a go-to-market roadmap designed to deliver results.
  4. Build — Once we analyze your assessment and sit down to strategize a plan of attack, we will build a custom enablement plan that can include 1:1 or 1:many training, marketing resources, sales/services delivery and introductions to connect you with coaches, consultants and even end user prospects.
  5. Complete — Your tailored execution plan will vary based upon your organization’s needs and preferences. We offer self-paced courses that you can complete in your own time, 2–3-hour interactive workshops moderated by subject matter experts and consultants, or a hybrid of self-paced and live virtual learning. The courses will guide you through a series of curated resources so that you can gain those key insights to grow your next-gen practice.

One of the key advantages of Practice Builder compared to other similar enablement opportunities is the fact that it’s vendor-agnostic unless strictly stated (for example, we have specific AWS learning tracks as part of our Cloud Practice Builder). By taking this vendor-agnostic approach, participants get the full, unobstructed view of each technology area without the confinement of sticking to a single vendor.


Whether you’re a small business just getting started or a massive enterprise looking to take your next-gen practice to the next level, we’ll tailor a custom track just for your needs in one of our three next-gen areas:


Cloud: Making the Complex Less Complicated


The journey to develop a cloud practice or expand into new markets can be challenging and costly. Among the premier cloud technology providers that we work with along your journey include the giants, like AWS, Google Cloud, IBM and Microsoft. One channel partner:

“Cloud Practice Builder was a pleasant surprise for my company in that it helped us solidify our strategy and go-to-market approach around cloud in a way that was super simple, which is necessary when you run a business in a channel that is complex and constantly evolving.”


IoT: Helping at all stages of the IoT journey, digitally


Grow your revenue starting with an IoT Solution Identifier to help you build your IoT practice. Through the IoT Practice Builder, you’ll learn how to leverage solution readiness methodology, learn about relevant use cases and how to leverage world-class vendors in IoT and analytics solutions.


Security: Building a sustainable practice for long-term protection


More businesses are understanding the importance of investing heavily in security products and solutions to combat the recent rise in cybercrime. For many technology solution providers, however, it can be time-consuming and costly to build a security business from the ground up. TD SYNNEX Security Practice Builder helps partners jump on this opportunity by elevating their security practice.


What’s Next: Practice Builder Enhancements

Practice Builder began in April of 2020 to help support the need for digital enablement during the shift to remote workforces. We are constantly evolving Practice Builder to meet the demands of today’s market, which is why you’ll see upcoming improvements such as:

  • New, improved content
  • Global scope
  • Improved user experience
  • Expansion in MSP course for security

We know that each channel partner may have different end goals in what they’re hoping to achieve out of Practice Builder, from revenue targets to accelerated time to market to increased revenue, but our team of experts is available to walk through every step of the process. To date, we’ve helped walk more than 400 unique channel partners through Practice Builder from across the world. To get started, contact your TD SYNNEX rep or register directly:


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