3 Ways for Partners to Mitigate Risks Associated with Ransomware Attacks

Posted by Courtney Grigsby on Feb 1, 2022

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According to a Check Point 2021 Cybersecurity Report, there is a new ransomware victim every 10 seconds across the world. There has been a significant rise in the number of ransomware attacks and threat actors are finding ways to ensure they’re more sophisticated than ever. The global pandemic-driven shift to a remote workforce has created a host of new opportunities for cybercriminals to seize, an alarming realization when we consider that the risk of malicious attacks applies to any company and can occur at any time.


Ransomware attacks can also result in lofty overhead costs. In 2021, expenses from ransomware attacks amounted to more than $20 billion, as stated in a report from Cybersecurity Venture.


Not only are these cyberattacks happening more frequently and disrupting business operations without warning, but it’s also affecting organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re a small startup or an established corporation, the threat of ransomware attacks is always looming, presenting alarming risks and regrettable consequences.


We sat down with two of our next-gen experts at TD SYNNEX, Ed Morales, director, global security marketing and Nadezhda Stoycheva, program manager, security solutions go to market to get a deeper dive into the risks associated with ransomware and the proactive strategies to combat the potential for devastating effects.


Key Drivers: Potential Ransomware Risks

287. That’s the average number of days for organizations to identify and contain a cybersecurity attack as evidenced by a recent IBM Security Report. Many of the security breaches identified in the report originate from user mistakes, such as phishing or spear-phishing attacks.


Cybercrime is becoming increasingly advanced and often targets company data, which can result in cybercriminals going to extreme lengths to sell data on the dark web. These unexpected attacks hit entire organizations at the core and can devastate businesses in alarming ways. These data breaches don’t just affect companies in the short term; they can lead to expensive, long-term repercussions that if left unresolved, could potentially lead to going under and ultimately out of business. At the very least, these breaches can do significant damage to a company reputation by both customers and prospective employees. However, businesses can breathe easier when they proactively devise a comprehensive security plan to counteract any potential risks in the foreseeable future.


Sage Wisdom: Top 3 Ways to Reduce Ransomware Risks

When choosing technologies to meet ransomware challenges, a keen skillset is required to select, design, deploy and manage complete ransomware mitigation solutions. TD SYNNEX has crafted a complete suite of unique solutions and services, an extensive vendor portfolio, industry experts and reseller enablement offerings that accommodate partners’ cybersecurity needs, no matter the stage of their journey toward an enhanced security practice.


Let’s examine the specific ways partners can reduce cybersecurity risks:

  • Embrace Opportunities to Form a Strategic Security Plan. It’s crucial to plan for potential rainy-day risks tomorrow could bring. Investing in a strategic security plan is a smart way to offset expensive, time-consuming losses we see happen to companies without a strong security plan in place. The TD SYNNEX Solution Factory’s world-class ransomware mitigation Click to Run™ Solutions portfolio offers a suite of customizable solutions to protect, detect and remediate against ransomware.


From reseller enablement to our digital security practice builder, TD SYNNEX also offers a comprehensive approach to help partners successfully develop a security business plan, regardless of the current stage they are in.

  • Simplify the Deployment for Solutions that Prevent, Detect and Remediate. With ever-evolving technology, it’s becoming more challenging to deliver timely, optimal results for end users, especially in today’s busy IT environment.


The TD SYNNEX Solution Factory’s team of engineers has designed and optimized a suite of security offerings from major vendors which reduces the time to build and configure ransomware solutions while accelerating speed to market. Our catalog of validated, repeatable and scalable solutions are crafted with a formula that addresses our partners’ unique needs in just 15–30 minutes, as opposed to hours, or even days.

  • Reduce Costs while Driving Profitability and Expanding Offerings. Our cloud-based solutions offer affordable opportunities for low-cost storage, backup and archiving services. From a long-term approach, investing in security protection measures certainly outweighs the jaw-dropping costs that are met with a sudden cyber-attack. Prioritizing security solutions offers our partners the opportunity to accelerate their speed to market, recognize higher profitability and expand their portfolio of offerings for customers.

A Glimpse at our Ransomware Mitigation Solutions Fueled by Next-Generation Technologies

To provide extensive support for any scenario our partners may face and offer flexibility, the TD SYNNEX Solutions Factory has designed a modular and customizable suite of ransomware mitigation solutions to:

  1. Identify and Assess
  2. Prevent and Protect
  3. Detect and Recover

This step-by-step approach allows partners to select vetted, market-tested and pre-configured products from each category and assemble them to create a complete solution for their customers. Our initial phase of offerings includes products from our trusted vendors that lead the market, such Microsoft, VMware and Veeam, in both Click to Run™ and Ready-to-Deploy configurations.


Here is a closer look at our market-ready cybersecurity solution offerings:


Microsoft Azure Sentinel: Offers partners end-to-end cloud security insights to activity across the entire IT infrastructure. Overall, this allows easy access to monitor and detect any strange behavior that might seem indicative within the environment. Microsoft Azure Sentinel aligns well with all 3 areas of our step-by-step approach mentioned above.


Cloud Backup on Azure: Simplifies data protection and shields against ransomware. In a nutshell, Cloud Backup on Azure requires no additional infrastructure and enables you to safeguard your sensitive data from ransomware with multiple authentication layers, plus provides support for virtual machines operating in Azure and on-premise. This solution is ideal to leverage as a means to prevent, protect, detect and recover.


Modern Workplace Secure Score: Designed to establish a security baseline while gaining insights into customers’ Office 365 security posture. Instrumental to any security regimen, Modern Workplace with Secure Score helps our partners track and schedule incremental improvements over time, contributing to a reliable, long-term security plan.


To explore our catalog of offerings, please visit the Solutions Factory. Also, be sure to check out our StreamOne™ Ion Enterprise Platform to explore our security-based solutions.



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