How Next-Generation Technologies Synchronize to Deliver Game-Changing Results

Posted by Courtney Grigsby on Jan 11, 2022

“Can we get things done faster?” This is a frequent question we present to technology experts, prompting an inherent drive to upgrade the technologies we encounter daily.

Technology is rapidly evolving, and with this phenomenon of innovation, customer demands are becoming increasingly challenging and complex to resolve.


Another question we should be asking ourselves is “can this task be simplified?” Often, IT tasks involve significant bandwidth, dedicated time for research and expertise to deliver actionable results.

With TD SYNNEX’s implementation of two key ingredients — next-generation technologies and our solution aggregation methodology — we help channel partners meet these increasingly high demands and revolutionize their digital transformation.


How Next-Gen Technologies Cohesively Form Solutions


Next-gen technologies are the cutting-edge, futuristic solutions defining the next decade and beyond. Leveraging the best of next-generation technologies, including the cloud, data and IoT and security, brings businesses numerous advantages. Dell reports that companies that invest in big data, cloud, mobility and security can enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth than their competitors.


So, how exactly do these advanced technologies blend together to formulate a comprehensive end-to-end solution? Big data and IoT pair well together, as sensors, cameras and other smart devices collect a myriad of signals and data points. This data is then evaluated to deliver business insights across multiple devices, increasing convenience and connectivity.

Next, the cloud platform acts as a converging point where each of these services combine to deliver a complete, packaged solution. Multiple products from vendors and various facets of technology are ultimately combined to develop solutions capable of accelerating business outcomes to help organizations maintain a competitive edge.


Lastly, our security offerings complement services powered through the cloud and innerworkings of data and IoT. With high volumes of data in play, protecting this valuable asset for organizations is a no-brainer. Cyber attacks are on the rise, and on top of this concern, ransomware and accidental data loss to account for, businesses are encouraged to defend against these security challenges.


Investing in a long-term security plan holds potential for a strong rate of return on investments and overall profitability through reducing the risk of fines, reputation damages and costs associated with data loss. A strong security program serves as a competitive differentiator by decreasing the potential for work stoppages and negative productivity impacts, plus enables a strong mobile workforce with ample access to the systems and data at hand.


TD SYNNEX Offerings: Cloud, Data & IoT and Security


Whether a channel partner is in search of a backup solution to protect data with the cloud or is aiming to accelerate their data maturity journey with a data & IoT Click to Run™ solution, TD SYNNEX has the expertise to craft a complete solution from start to finish.


These inventive offerings unlock promising benefits for partners such as increasing profitability and fostering a workplace culture driven by the power of innovation. Together, the next-generation technologies deliver top-notch solutions for the market to leverage and thrive.


Next Steps


As a solutions aggregator, TD SYNNEX is positioned to help solve some of the most complex business needs, with our extensive catalog of validated, repeatable Click to Run™ and Ready to Deploy solutions.

The TD SYNNEX Next-Gen Solutions Factory relies on experience to address each of our partners’ unique set of needs brought to the table to deliver customized solutions that drive successful business outcomes. Each solution carries the benefits of reducing deployment time from days to minutes, increasing speed to market and providing a competitive advantage.


To learn more about TD SYNNEX’s innovative suite of solutions leveraging next-gen technologies and accelerate your business outcomes, please visit the Solutions Factory.

Additionally, our Click to Run™ solutions are available in a pay-per-use package through the StreamOne™ Cloud Marketplace.

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