Introducing MyShop — A New e-Commerce Tool for Resellers

Posted by TD SYNNEX Editor on Aug 25, 2021

Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly, easily and affordably expand your service offerings, increase your sales, improve your margins and elevate your brand with little-to-no effort? Now, Tech Data resellers can with the brand new MyShop.


Because the buyer’s journey — especially in the technology ecosystem — begins online, resellers must ensure that journey begins and ends on their site. MyShop is the solution to best position resellers to capitalize on these wins. MyShop lets partners customize their clients’ experiences, delivering real-time product updates, access to new product information, and more.


With MyShop, resellers can provide customers the opportunity to browse Tech Data’s product catalog, request a quote, or make a purchase, all on the reseller’s website and white-labeled with the reseller’s branding and messaging.


According to Josh Muirhead, Tech Data Program Manager, e-Business, Reseller Connect, “we began hearing from partners that their need for e-commerce capability was increasing. So we set out to create a customized webshop that would fulfill their needs. MyShop, a protégé of TDEngage, was the solution and was released on July 12, 2021, with new features to support our growing reseller community.”


“Although there are other e-Commerce solutions currently in the marketplace, MyShop is a proprietary system specifically created for Tech Data customers with several unique features and a high-end, one-of-a-kind look and feel,” Muirhead concluded.


One of Tech Data’s reseller partners, Tecustry, had this to say about the MyShop tool:


“Tech Data’s MyShop program is a scalable, manageable solution with seamless integration to their inventory, order processing & shipping. Their website used to showcase & market the authorized products is a great step towards seamlessly selling to end users. Client support is excellent too.”


Among the most popular MyShop features is the Solutions Center. This feature allows partners to syndicate a product configurator, virtual 360 storefronts, and an Internet of Things portfolio. For a look at these features, check out the following link (top of page): EUREKA PC (


Plug-and-Play Architecture for Simplicity and Speed to Market

MyShop removes the complexity from e-Commerce tools by leveraging Tech Data’s connected, pre-configured system. Through a plug-and-play framework, resellers can quickly create, customize, and launch the platform on their website or have it serve as a stand-alone site that points to a specific URL


MyShop’s ease of use provides a fast way to create a sophisticated e-commerce web shop without the added costs and labor typically associated with using multiple third parties on similar projects. With MyShop, you don’t have to be an IT expert; just select the solutions you want to have displayed on your webpage, copy and paste the generated code onto your website and you’ll have an intuitive solutions catalog for your business set up in minutes!


With the speed and scalability of MyShop, the process is simple. Select your MyShop level, customize your settings, and your e-commerce tool is ready to use. It’s an easy, fast way to keep your website updated with the dynamic, relevant product information users expect.


MyShop: A competitive discriminator that gives reseller partners an advantage in the marketplace


Some of the many partner advantages MyShop provides include:

  • Real-Time Refresh: MyShop automatically gives resellers the product and pricing information needed to sell their IT solutions online.
  • Customizable: MyShop’s interface can be customized to suit a reseller’s individual needs, brand, and style.
  • Accelerates Business: MyShop enables resellers to pursue more business by automating repetitive sales tasks and streamlining the ordering process.
  • Empowering: MyShop gives resellers the authority they need to sell technology solutions, all while putting the information customers want at their fingertips.
  • Gain the Tech Data Edge: Underpinned by Tech Data, MyShop gives resellers a vast array of information and tools to help showcase their unique business offerings.

MyShop Package Options

Because resellers come in all shapes, sizes, and varying needs, Tech Data offers four MyShop options. Packages range from the Standard (free) option; up to its fully customizable, VIP option, equipped with SSL certifications for data encryption and additional security. Below are each of the package options along with their core features.


Standard (free): Includes product catalog and build tools, including:

  • Featured and top-selling products on your homepage
  • Robust product descriptions, specifications, and alternative products
  • Added configuration tools to help customers build out their environment.

Standard Plus: Includes all features in the Standard package, plus:

  • Allows your customers to purchase products directly from your website
  • Shows dynamic, up-to-date pricing based on either MSRP or margins you set
  • Drop-ship customers’ orders automatically through Tech Data with private-label delivery

Prestige: Includes all features in Standard and Standard Pro, plus allows you to:

  • Offer customized discounts and promotional coupons to customers
  • Add your exclusive services and solution offerings
  • Create your bundles to meet partner needs

VIP: Includes all features in Standard, Standard Pro, and Prestige, in addition to the ability to:

  • Add and customize your shop pages
  • Use the SEO option to help promote and optimize your website
  • Includes SSL certifications for data encryption and additional securities

Partners interested in MyShop can register to view a demo video with details on how MyShop can be customized to fit their needs. Once subscribed to MyShop, partners have access to an array of start-up manuals and how-to videos available in their admin portal. Contact Tech Data’s Reseller Connect Team at for additional support.

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