Shop Tech Data is available for our Latinamerica and Caribbean customers buying from Tech Data Corp (our entity in Miami) only.

Customers buying in expect a sell and delivery in Miami for products being exported to LAC.

This customers should have an active account in Tech Data Corp – LAC Export.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Does Tech Data sell to end-users?

No. Tech Data only sells to registered resellers and Integrators.

How can I become a Tech Data customer?

Follow the instructions in the Register section. REGISTER.

What type of products does Tech Data distribute?

Tech Data has a complete line of products in the areas of software, hardware, and networking, in addition to distributing over 10,000 products from over 25 manufacturers. Tech Data offers the best services in Pre and Post Sales to the Distribution Channel, please note that the portfolio varies by country, please visit the Vendors section to see the list of brands by country.

My company is out of the capital city, can I buy from Tech Data?

Tech Data sells to resellers and integrators throughout the country. You have a team specialized in serving the market regardless of the city. Tech Data has an excellent logistic structure to the Distribution Channel, which allows us to deliver the right products, in the promised place, and in the agreed time.

How can I get a password to enter the sites with access restrictions?

To obtain your password you must be a Tech Data distributor, find out here.

How can I get a password if I am already a Tech Data distributor?

To obtain your password, please contact us Your passwords will be sent by email.

Is Tech Data a public company?

Yes, Tech Data shares are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange, symbol TECD.