5 Benefits of Solution Aggregation for Channel Partners

Posted by Michael Fitch on July 13, 2021

After diving into the concept of solution aggregation and then learning from experts on how solution aggregation is evolving, we’re now taking a look at what this means for channel partners. With more than 125,000 reseller partners buying from more than 400 technology vendors across more than 100 countries worldwide, Tech Data’s ecosystem makes identifying and solving end user customer demands a breeze. Here are five ways our customers are benefitting from the intensification of solution aggregation:


1. Satisfy the increasingly complex needs of an end user

The relationship between technology vendors, solution aggregators, resellers and end user customers, is no longer as linear as it once was. It’s now a multi-connection, multi-point, multi-directional experience to build a comprehensive solution from various members of the IT ecosystem. Most solutions today need to account for cloud storage, cybersecurity, software applications, integration, services capabilities, backup solutions, and when mixed in with a level of intellectual property, tailored solutions are created to deliver business outcomes.


As partners become more enabled with the ability to connect and interact with multiple vendors, they can start to combine components and services to solve the complex problems that a customer may have. For example, think about the intricate details of a remote diagnosis healthcare solution. There would need to be several connected devices, such as tablets, laptops or smartphones, there would need to be IoT sensors to track vitals from the patient, a set of software to collect and analyze the sensor data, remote office environments and a cloud-enabled connection so that the doctor can make an informed evaluation. Solution aggregators combine all of the products and services that are customized to fit these specific needs. It’s a combination that has a distinct purpose to provide an exact outcome.


2. Expand into new markets and verticals:

We’re often asked, “how do I penetrate the ________ market?” This is increasingly true in the last year when more organizations are moving into remote work environments with a cybersecurity focus. Solution aggregators sit at the center of the IT ecosystem with full access to the entire IT channel so that partners can accelerate their sales to drive business forward. Partners benefit by tapping into new markets they’ve never explored or are opening up their business model to re-think how their solutions can be used. For channel partners who have traditionally been data center resellers, the non-linear orchestration model helps move into areas like Edge computing where that data is being created, all with the support and investment from a company like Tech Data to help make those connections and further the channel partners’ value.


It’s not just limited to technologies or vertical markets; it even applies to new geographies or customer profiles. If we have a partner that is specific to one region, we work with them to create, deploy and manage their solution, prove its success, and then eventually use our extended relationships with vendors and partners to deliver the solution in other regions.


3. Leverage end-to-end coverage under a single roof

One of the key differentiators for Tech Data is the ability to combine all of the solution elements under one roof. As the center of the IT ecosystem, Tech Data boasts:

  • End-to-end investment, services and support that help partners take cost out of their business to scale
  • Extensive components to help design and optimize the supply chain
  • Front-end demand generation and enablement services to help partners learn new vertical markets, technologies and expand reach

These elements help create a lasting stickiness in our relationship and allows channel partners to justify a conversation that is not price-centric but instead is focused on the value they can bring to the end customer. With a solution aggregator working to create, build, deploy and support new appliances and solutions, channel partners are given a boost they may have struggled to attain on their own.


4. Reduce costs, time-to-market and skill gaps through the entire supply chain

Perhaps most significantly, Tech Data is prioritizing the significant reduction in channel partner cost. With each solution, we are working to simplify the build and/or deployment to maximize.


efficiencies. By doing so, end users can eliminate getting caught up in the “what’s the price?” conversation and instead focus on “what’s the value?” since efficient pricing is built into the solution aggregation model.


Secondly, we’re drastically reducing time to market. By touching so many technology vendors and partners, we have experience and a proven track record to build solutions that are already tested and ready for consumption. The Tech Data technical and support teams can be looked at as an extension of your team, working to fulfill orders for customer demand.


Lastly, with the sophistication of modern technology, there’s a skill gap when it comes to finding experts in certain fields. For example, if you’ve always been an expert in backup software but are less familiar with the cloud platform on which the backup software is running, we can help close that gap through enablement services so that you can continue doing what you love and helping in all other areas of need. We are regularly having the conversation with channel partners about new markets and new technologies and helping to build the strategy around how we can help bring different pieces of the solution together. Within Tech Data, we are leading partner-facing technical training around solution selling.


5. Learn from Tech Data industry experts

One of the many benefits for channel partners when working with a solution aggregator is exclusive access to industry experts. At Tech Data, we deliver partner enablement through on-demand webinars, live events, workshops, practice builders and beyond so that our customers can be up to date on the latest IT technologies and trends. By enabling our partners to leverage our various experts across the organization, we can help scale their business.


Orchestration is all about aiding others in being able to do the things that make the IT channel so successful. We want to help partners execute on their multi-vendor solutions for future customers and then simplify them as they gain experience and expertise. We continue to help support the build, deployment, maintenance and refresh of all tech equipment, but by becoming educated in solution aggregation, partners can expand their market and reach a larger community more effectively.


In the end, solution aggregators have all of the relationships with vendors to help enable partners as they make those complex decisions to deliver an end-to-end solution that’s going to solve a business problem for the end user. To get started with your own solution practice, be sure to check out our CloudIoT and Security Practice Builders to identify the right opportunities for growth in your organization.

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