Environmental, Health & Safety

We recognize that a healthy environment and safe workplaces are critical to our society, economy, business and people. We address our Environmental programs in an integrated manner to encompass protection of the environment as well as colleague health and safety (EHS). The EHS systems, processes and tools in place across our global footprint enable us to meet or exceed government and industry requirements.

As our company continues to grow and diversify, we're implementing environmental management systems (EMS) with a commitment to continuous improvement. Several of our facilities are leading the way in managing our environmental impact through EMS certifications. Current certifications include:

  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) for all 22 of our logistics centers in the U.S.
  • ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems) for our facilities in Ohio, Singapore, Tiel Netherlands, Alovera Spain, Barcelona Spain and Jordbro Sweden
  • ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health Safety Management Systems) certified for our Ohio facility
  • In addition to these certifications, we have completed several environmentally focused projects to help reduce our company’s carbon footprint. Some highlights include:

    • Improved energy efficiency at our facilities, such as
      • LEED certification for our satellite office in San Antonio, Texas
      • Solar panel fields on the roof and in the parking lot of our satellite office in Tempe, Arizona
      • Significant lighting retrofitting using LED technology at two of our logistics centers, with four more planned for fiscal 2020
      • Several office facilities provide electric car charging stations
    • Implemented and expanded recycling programs for pallets, cardboard packaging, glass, plastic, metals, batteries and electronics, as part of our Global Lifecycle Management business

    Health and Safety
    The health and safety of our colleagues is among our business’ top priorities. Through our safety programs, it’s our goal to eliminate hazards, prevent work-related injury and illness, and provide safe and healthy workplaces. We strive to drive uniform safety practices and ensure that all Tech Data colleagues around the globe maintain the highest level of facility safety. We continually review and update our policies based on conditions and regulation changes. Some of our health and safety practices focus includes:

    • Review and approval by the environmental, health and safety team of all equipment and hazardous materials before they are purchased or used in our operations
    • A Substance-Abuse Prevention Policy that includes post job offer, post-accident, and random drug testing for all safety-sensitive positions in all U.S. subsidiaries
    • Third-party vendor audits and mock OSHA inspections in all logistics centers annually
    • Extensive training including new hire orientation, job specific, refresher, annual and post-incident through a combination of classroom, written exams, hands on training and performance evaluations

    Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
    One way we maintain a consistent level of safety compliance across our business is through our Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). IIPP is a company-wide Safety Program guide that assists managers in promoting the health and safety of their teams. It establishes methods, procedures, goals and measurements for identifying and correcting workplace hazards, addressing safety information and ensuring compliance with our established programs as well as Federal and State programs. The document includes:

    • Roles and responsibilities for all colleagues at all levels of the company to clearly communicate expectations
    • Standard operating procedures, policies and rules to help maintain safe working conditions
    • Safety training programs and materials to help managers educate their teams
    • Forms and checklists and documentation to ensure compliance

    IIPP is reviewed and updated annually to reflect changes in personnel, procedures or regulations. All Tech Data colleagues can access this information on the company intranet.

    Measuring Performance
    To measure our impact, we focus our reporting on leading indicators of safety performance, such as behaviors and minor incidents. These monthly reports enable us to drive continuous improvement, which is important for sustaining our corporate culture and reducing risk.

    In 2018, we recorded an average DART rate of .419 per 10,000 work hours per month. While our safety data continues to trend in the right direction, we will not be satisfied until we reach zero accidents across our workforce.