Building Your Own White Label Cloud Storefront

Posted by Mike Fitch on Nov 9, 2021

Eighty-five percent. That’s the percentage of consumers who are conducting their own online research before making any sort of purchase. Between 2017 and today, there’s been a 33% growth in B2B e-commerce revenue in the United States, clearly showcasing the shift in consumer behavior.


For decades, business-to-business sales have largely involved picking up the phone to contact a sales rep or visiting offices for in-person sales calls to maintain person-to-person interactions. Today, with more Millennials making organizations’ purchase decisions, there’s a boom in e-commerce necessity; one that requires content loaded with product and solution information along with a secure, streamlined checkout system.


Imagine: Your Own White Label Cloud Storefront

Imagine a world where the complex is simple, and credit goes where credit is due (both literally and figuratively if you’re talking about IT consumption models). Owning and operating a cloud marketplace for your customers is a full-on endeavor, something that takes a lot of time, energy, resources and expertise to operate effectively and efficiently. Many resellers aren’t currently equipped to embark on this journey until they bring in the right consulting partner, sales partner and e-commerce platform partner. But then imagine if those three partners were bundled into a single solutions aggregator… (you can see where I’m going with this).


Now, imagine eliminating your current purchase order transactional model, where the transition to recurring revenue has its fair share of barriers and obstacles to overcome. Organizations that can develop new forms of recurring revenue often see up to a 4x valuation. One way to achieve this would be having the ability to learn, buy and manage subscription services on behalf of your end user customers.


How to: Reduce Friction and Streamline Cloud Transactions

TD SYNNEX makes this vision possible thanks to our cloud platform, StreamOne™ and StreamOne Ion. StreamOne is the cloud marketplace and storefront for our partners to transact SaaS, IaaS and PaaS cloud solutions and offerings to downstream customers. TD SYNNEX StreamOne provides billing, transactional and execution support, providing partners with access to capabilities such as a solutions marketplace, dashboards, analytics, white label storefronts, multi-cloud billing and self-service lifecycle management across all cloud providers.


TD SYNNEX hosts the platform and sets up the white label storefront without the often-expensive investment of hosting an e-commerce site of your own. This storefront allows partners to transact simple or more complex cloud solutions in order to build both current and recurring revenue. StreamOne provides access to all of our Click to Run™ solutions, which are plug-and-play offerings, designed to be implemented in less than an hour, rather than days or even weeks. These solutions simplify the cloud process and significantly cut your time to market. StreamOne’s forecasting ability also allows for consumption-based flexibility, with detailed white label billing and insights reports, giving deep visibility into what end users will consume vs. what they’ll leverage in the future.


Best of both worlds: Tech Data StreamOne + SYNNEX Stellr

While legacy Tech Data spent considerable investment in its StreamOne cloud platform, legacy SYNNEX has been hard at work with its Stellr platform. Together, StreamOne + Stellr eliminates the duplicate efforts and allows for additional next-gen investment moving forward. TD SYNNEX CEO Rich Hume to CRN:


“Cloud platforms are extremely critical to the future. By us combining, we’ll be able to bring expanded investment into those next-generation technology areas,”


TD SYNNEX Senior Vice President of Advanced Solutions Stacy Nethercoat:


“In addition to all the classic marketplace kind of features that a partner would expect to find when engaging with a cloud platform … monthly consolidated billing, APIs for immediate consumption, insights into consumption data, all of that will be available, as well as end tier, which is the ability of our partners to provide access to their end users either for viewing information or for managing their own subscriptions.”


To learn more and get started, visit our StreamOne platform.

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