TDActivate serves as the Master Agent, activating lines on behalf of the carriers and providing a per unit commission for each device activated. After becoming authorized to sell carrier services you can get a subsidized price on devices by selling the device with activation. Activation can be on a notebook, tablet, or handheld cell phone. Simply select the bundled SKU, device and activation, then provide end user information so that Tech Data Mobile Solutions can handle the rest. Your end user will never have to deal with the carrier, as Tech Data Mobile Solutions obtains activation information directly from the customer.

After placing your purchase order and providing end-user information, an email will be generated for the end-user to access a portal where they will supply the phone number they would like the phone to be activated with or an area code for a new number to be generated. Through this portal the end user is able to select their service plan and billing information.

Once the transaction is completed, your activation commission will be logged in the reseller portal for tracking and paid within 30 days.



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