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Tech Data supports our Public Sector partner community with a three-tiered approach to contracts.

  • General Services Administration (GSA): The Tech Data Government Solutions GSA schedule provides access to key vendors and products on our GSA schedule. This allows customers the ability to be competitive and participate in GSA opportunities in federal, state and local markets.
  • Contract Exchange Program (CEP): Tech Data CEP provides our customer community with access to a wide array of contract vehicles that cover multiple Public Sector markets. The CEP eliminates the need for customers to pursue and hold prime contracts themselves and offers the ability to leverage those held by trusted partners.
  • Contract Capture: Tech Data offers contract capture capabilities to support customers pursuing contracts during the proposal phase. The Tech Data Public Sector team works closely with our customers and vendors to research impactful contracts, develop full solution packages and provide ongoing support up to delivery and post-award.
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  • Public Sector Partner Conference (virtual) October 26-27, 2021

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